Our Service

As we are a small company building only two boats a year (one at a time), we develop a close relationship with our clients who receive 100% of our attention.

We encourage our clients to come down to the workshop to see the different stages of the fit-out so they can have positive input and really get to know their boat inside out.

Narrowboat Design and Fitting Process

  • Design

An important stage to agree the size and style of boat. A lot will be determined by the intended use and personal preference along with advice and ideas from us. There is a lot to consider at this stage but we will guide you through the process, as it can be slightly overwhelming unless it is broken down into simple stages. Once the layout, size and style of boat has been agreed and computerised designs drawn up, its over to the hull fabricators.

  • Hull/Shell

We only use well-respected hull builders for all our boats. The steel hulls are built to the agreed design and delivered to our workshop near Newark on Trent ready for the fitting out process.

  • Fitting Process

Back at the workshop, our team get started on the fit-out. Please click on the link below to see images of different stages of the process.

Fitting Out Process